Supporting Startup Companies with Flexible Equipment Solutions

Starting a new business is an exciting venture, but it often comes with financial challenges, especially for startups with limited resources and little to no credit history. Obtaining leasing and credit facilities can be a daunting task for newly incorporated companies, particularly if they haven’t filed accounts with Companies House or have a low credit score.

Copybox, a forward-thinking provider of copy and print solutions, steps in to address this need by offering equipment rental services with low rent costs, rolling contracts, and service-only agreements. Our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs on their journey towards business growth is evident in our flexible and risk-friendly approach.

Our Unique Supportive Approach

Copybox recognises the critical role that access to essential equipment plays in the early stages of business development. To bridge the gap and empower startups, we have developed a unique approach that caters to the specific challenges faced by new businesses

Low Equipment Rental Costs

Understanding the financial constraints startups often face, Copybox offers equipment rental services at exceptionally low rent costs. This affordability allows new businesses to access high-quality printing and copying equipment without straining their initial budgets.

Rolling Contracts

Unlike traditional leasing agreements that may require long-term commitments, Copybox provides rolling contracts. These contracts offer startups the flexibility to adjust their equipment needs as their business evolves. Startups can scale up or down as necessary, making it easier to adapt to changing circumstances.

Service-Only Agreements

To simplify the process further, Copybox offers service-only agreements. This means that startups can focus solely on using the equipment while Copybox takes care of maintenance, repairs, and ongoing support. This relieves startups of the burden of equipment upkeep, allowing them to concentrate on their core business operations.

Deposit Flexibility

While we may request a deposit for larger equipment purchases, we understand the financial constraints faced by startups. Our approach is flexible, and we are willing to work with startups to find suitable arrangements, making it easier for new businesses to access the necessary equipment.

Entrepreneurial Support

Copybox’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs goes beyond just providing equipment. We aim to be a partner in the success of startup companies, offering advice, guidance, and solutions that align with the unique challenges faced by new businesses.

The Impact on Startups

Copybox’s supportive approach has a significant impact on startup companies

Copybox’s dedication to supporting startup companies through flexible equipment solutions reflects our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and business growth. By offering low rent costs, rolling contracts, service-only agreements, and deposit flexibility, we empower startups to overcome financial obstacles and focus on building successful ventures. 

Copybox’s mission to be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs underscores our commitment to the success and prosperity of the startup community.

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