Defend, Secure, and Protect Your Document Fortress

External hardware devices can significantly contribute to an organisation’s document management security strategy by adding an extra layer of protection, control, and efficiency. 

Learn more about the ways in which external hardware can enhance document management security.


Biometric Scanners

External biometric scanners, such as fingerprint readers, can be integrated into printers and multifunction devices. They enable secure print release by ensuring that only authorised users can access and print sensitive documents. Biometrics provide a highly reliable means of user authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Smart Card Readers

Smart card readers are external hardware components that can be attached to printers and other devices. Employees can use their smart cards, which are typically protected with a PIN or biometric data, to authenticate and release print jobs. This enhances security and accountability by ensuring that only authorised cardholders can print documents.

Secure USB Ports

External USB ports with security features can be added to printers. These ports restrict the types of devices that can be connected, preventing the introduction of malware or unauthorised copying of documents. It adds an extra layer of control over data transfers and ensures that only trusted devices are allowed.

Encrypted Hard Drives

Some external hardware options provide encrypted hard drives for printers and multifunction devices. These encrypted drives protect stored documents from unauthorised access, even if the physical hardware is stolen or compromised. It safeguards sensitive data at rest.

Document Shredders

While not directly integrated with printers, document shredders are essential external hardware for secure document disposal. They ensure that sensitive documents are properly destroyed and cannot be reconstructed or accessed by unauthorised individuals.

External hardware plays a vital role in bolstering an organisation’s document management security strategy. By implementing these devices, organisations can enhance authentication, control, and protection of their documents, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and that compliance requirements are met.

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