Complaints Policy

Copybox Customer Complaints Policy

Copybox Business Solutions hereinafter referred to as “Copybox is committed to providing high-quality photocopiers, other products and services and exceptional customer service. However, we understand that there may be occasions when our customers encounter issues or have concerns about their purchases. To ensure a smooth resolution process, we have developed the following Customer Complaints Policy:

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedures and guidelines for customers to file complaints and for Copybox to address and resolve these complaints effectively and efficiently.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all customers who have purchased photocopiers or related products and services from Copybox.

3. Types of Complaints

Customers may file complaints related to various aspects of their experience with Copybox, including but not limited to:

– Product defects or malfunctions.
– Delivery and installation issues. 
– Billing and payment discrepancies.
– Customer service interactions.
– Warranty and maintenance concerns.
– Other matters related to their purchase.

4. Filing a Complaint

Customers can file a complaint by following these steps:

– Contact our Customer Support Team via phone, email.
– Provide detailed information about the complaint, including the nature of the issue, date of purchase, invoice number, and contact information. 
– Attach any relevant documents or images that may assist in resolving the complaint. 

5. Acknowledgment of Complaint

Upon receiving a complaint, Copybox will send an acknowledgment to the customer within 5 business days. This acknowledgment will include the name of the assigned representative who will handle the complaint.

6. Investigation and Resolution

– Our Customer Support Team will conduct a thorough investigation of the complaint to identify the root cause and determine the appropriate course of action.
– Customers can expect regular updates on the progress of the investigation and the expected resolution timeframe.
– We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, typically within 21 business days, depending on the complexity of the issue.
– If the investigation reveals that a refund, replacement, or repair is necessary, Copybox will take prompt action to address the complaint.

7. Escalation

If a customer is dissatisfied with the initial resolution proposed, they may request escalation to a higher level of management within Copybox. The escalated complaint will be reviewed and resolved promptly.

8. Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We value customer feedback and use it to improve our products and services continuously. After a complaint is resolved, customers may be asked to provide feedback on their experience with our complaints resolution process.

9. Confidentiality

All complaints and related information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Information gathered during the investigation will only be used for the purpose of resolving the complaint.

10. Contact Information

Customers can contact Copybox for complaints through the following channels:

– Phone: 0203 757 5879
– Email:

11. Review and Update

This Customer Complaints Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant and effective. Any necessary updates will be made in consultation with customer feedback and changing business needs. At Copybox, we are committed to providing a positive customer experience, and this Customer Complaints Policy is one of the many ways we uphold this commitment. We encourage our customers to reach out with any concerns or feedback, as it helps us serve you better. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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